Your first appointment is the initial visit and usually involves a simple clinical discussion at Wise Braces.

Dr. Nancy Proano Wise and her staff at Wise Braces would like to welcome you to our office and help you get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. We strive to make your first appointment as comfortable, inviting, and informative as possible. Please ask us as many questions as you would like. Our goal is to give you a clear understanding of realistic treatment options and outcomes, and for you to feel comfortable and confident in the doctor and her staff. The relationship between the patient and the doctor should be based on trust and comfort and this is what Dr. Proano Wise strives to achieve.

Your first visit with Wise Braces

Things to Expect During Your First Visit

  • We will welcome you to our office and give you a tour.
  • We will review you medical and dental history.
  • Nothing will hurt! There are no needles, shots or drilling involved! This is a very easy appointment for you. Nothing to be nervous about.
  • You will tell us why you are seeking orthodontic treatment and what you would like to improve about your teeth.
  • Dr. Proano Wise will do a comprehensive orthodontic exam.
  • We will take a digital panoramic x-ray and possible take some photographs of your teeth.
  • Dr. Proano Wise will explain your specif orthodontic problems with you, give you your treatment options, and ESTIMATE how long you treatment will take.
  • We will let you know if you are ready to start treatment immediately or if it’s too early to start.
  • A staff member will review any insurance benefits you might have and the cost of your treatment.
  • If you ready to start treatment the same day as your initial exam, we will need to take your orthodontic records.

Orthodontic Records

With our state of the art technology, we are able to minimize the amount of radiation you receive with our DIGITAL x-rays. Our DIGITAL SCANNER eliminates the need for goopy, unpleasant impressions. Orthodontic records consist of:

  • A comprehensive orthodontic exam
  • A digital panoramic x-ray
  • A digital cephalometric x-ray
  • A series of photographs
  • A digital scan of your teeth and bite. WE DO NOT TAKE GOOPY MOLDS OF YOUR TEETH!

The orthodontic records portion of your visit includes a complete orthodontic examination, digital photographs and digital X-rays. The OrthoCAD™ system eliminates the need for plaster models. Most of the time, these records can be taken the same day as your exam.

Getting Your Braces On

This appointment will take 40-60 minutes.

It does not hurt to get your braces on.

Once your braces are on, we will go over instructions on how to brush and floss you teeth properly and how often to do so.

We will also review diet restrictions with you and the foods you should avoid during orthodontic treatment.

It is very important that you follow the instructions given to you in order to avoid unwanted cavities, broken brackets, band, or appliance. Non-compliance will delay your treatment time and possibly cause you to have your braces removed before your treatment is finished ideally. YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

Periodic Adjustment Appointments

Due to the advances in technology, you no longer need to visit the orthodontist every four weeks. Your periodic visits will be anywhere from 6-10 weeks apart. This means that less school and work has to be missed.

At these appointments, we will change your wires and colors. If you need to wear rubber bands we will show you how to wear to wear them, how to change them, and how often to wear them.

We review how well (or not so well) you have been brushing you teeth and keeping everything clean. Further instruction will be given as needed. Remember, YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF THIS!

We will also take periodic panoramic x-rays about every 6-9 months.


If you will be starting Invisalign treatment, we will take a digital scan of your teeth and send it to Invisalign electronically.


Once your aligners arrive to our office, we will give you instructions on how to insert and remove them, how often to wear them, when to change them, and how to clean them.

You are on you way to having that beautiful smile you always wanted!

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