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Wise Braces is an orthodontic boutique located in Kendall that offers personalized and comprehensive orthodontic care. At our office no patient waits more than 10 minutes to be seen. We respect your time! Also, you will always be seen by Dr. Wise at every visit.

Services we provide:

– Orthodontic treatment for children
– Orthodontic treatment for teenagers
– Orthodontic treatment for adults (it’s never too late to get braces or Invisalign for adults)

Treatments we offer

At Wise Braces we strive to meet each patient’s treatment needs with individualized treatment plans as no two patients have identical orthodontic needs.

The types of treatment that we offer are:
– Traditional braces (metal braces)
– Clear braces
– Invisalign
– 3M clarity aligners

We are committed to helping you achieve a beautiful smile. We want you to have an experience that will improve your smile, day, and life.

Wise Braces Facilities

Treatment area Wise BracesWise Braces is located in Kendall and has plenty of parking available for your convenience. In addition, the office is clean and modern with the latest technology to make your appointment a pleasant experience.

Here you will find:
– Digital x-rays
– Digital scanner
– Paperless charting

We offer late-night appointments for those who work or find it challenging to get to our office during the day.

When to seek an Orthodontic consultation

For anyone seeking treatment for children, it is recommended that the first orthodontic visit happens at age seven to assess the growth and development of the teeth and jaws. Some children may need early treatment (Phase I).

Whether you’re a child, teenager or an adult, it’s never too late or too early to get a winning smile.

Dr. Nancy Proano Wise

Doctor Wise has ten years of experience in Orthodontics. Before that, she was a practicing general dentist for five years. Dr. Wise is always available to talk and explain things; or answer any questions you or your child may have regarding their treatment.

Our Staff

Every time you call, you can tell that the person on the phone has a smile on their face; everyone here is friendly. They will make you feel like family and greet you with a smile at every visit.

Our staff is also very knowledgeable when it comes to insurance. It is very common for patients to have insurance questions and we can help you with that.


We accept most insurances, please let us know if you have insurance when you call to book your complimentary consultation so that we may verify orthodontic benefits and give you a proper estimate at your consultation.

Why choose Wise Braces?

Digital scanner in useWise Braces is an orthodontic boutique where our patients come first. Our ultimate goal is for you to have a beautiful and healthy smile without having to wait hours at your appointment.

We value your time so when you come to our facility, you won’t have to sit here and wait long. We make sure to schedule your appointments so that you may get the most out of each visit with Dr. Wise.

We provide personalized service; each person’s treatment is not the same. Everyone has different needs therefore your treatment is designed specifically for you.

We are very proud of how our patients feel about the practice, when they are here and even when they leave. You can check our reviews on Google to see what our patients are saying about us!

To schedule an appointment please click here or call 786-360-1048.

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Take the first step and make a positive difference in your smile and self-esteem. Our professional staff is here to help you realize your full potential.

11120 SW 88th Street, Suite 107
Miami, FL 33176

TEL: 786-360-1048

Our Mission

Wise Braces understands the care that is needed to provide every child and adult in the office with a winning smile. We work hard to earn our patients trust each and every day.

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